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Gratitude | 感謝

I exist, in gratitude of others. My parents supported me in education to search for my passions. My mentors in college showed me what a life-giving career is. Seattle University and the SDA program provided me with the skillsets and courage to start my professional journey.

My friends in the program, my preview day coordinators, the mentors I met, the people who saw something in me that I did not see, my committee members, my colleagues that tolerate my lame jokes, my supervisor who took a chance on me, my partner who has supported me throughout my time in the program, and many others. 

"It takes a village" is what people always say. I use to hear that all the time, but I never understood the true meaning of it. My experience in the SDA program taught me what the phrase truly means. 

Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! 

P.S. Some special shoutout to my cats below.


You You

You Tiao (Donut in Chinese) gets your attention: through screaming, yelling, and sprinting around the apartment, he voices his concerns and dissatisfactions very proactively.

Tang Tang

Tang Hu Lu (Candy in Chinese) is the nurturer of the family. He makes sure every cat has clean ears and body. He bites like no other, and loves like no other.


FEi Fei 

The only princess in the house, Ka Fei (Coffee in Chinese) knows exactly that. She sees the carpet has her sworn enemy, and vows to scratch and destroy them til the day she goes to cat heaven.

Co Co

Youngest in the family, Ke Ke (Cocoa in Chinese) is also the one that uses his brain the least. He knows he's the youngest, and he knows that his life is all smooth and easy, like his brain.

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