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Artifact A: Professional Resume

This entry contains my professional resume created for SDAD 5900: Student Development Capstone Seminar. This document showcases my  professional development and experiences as an SDA student.

This entry demonstrates my ability to clearly reflect and articulate my professional skills and accomplishment thus far in my student affairs journey. 

This entry addresses SDA Learning Outcomes:

1. Understanding the foundations and emerging nature of the Student Affairs profession and higher education
2. Understanding students and student issues
6. Developing and demonstrating skills in leadership and collaboration
8. Communicating effectively in speech and in writing
10. Establishing and enhancing professional identity

Fun Fact: Zhiyuan (致远) in Chinese means great ambition.  My parents pick it from a phrase in this ancient poem:

淡泊明志,宁静致远  (Indifference to Fame and Fortune Characterizes a High Aim in Life, and Leading a Quiet Life Helps One Accomplish Something Lasting )

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