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About Me.


I am a Master of Education Candidate at Seattle University in Student Development Administration. I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Informatics at UW iSchool in the spring of 2022. 

I believe Education should be inalienable right for all. Thus, I seek ways within Student Affairs and Higher Education to provide more equitable services and experiences for all students.

When not working on homework, I volunteer at the Seattle Aquarium. I also play football, hike, and read in my free time. 

I'd love to get to know you! So please reach our and let's grab a coffee together!

My Story of Higher Ed and 
Student Affairs

I am not sure if I had a good time during college. I committed to a major that felt trendy (Informatics/Computer Science), yet I hated the culture and what I studied in there. I found soul and meaning in my student employment as a peer advisor. After being encouraged (and carefully warned) by a SDA alum, I find now my work and professional purpose to be in this field.

As the very first in my family to attend and finish an undergraduate degree in the U.S, I find my way into the world of Higher Education and Student Affairs. I find myself reflecting on the inequities within the U.S education system. And I challenge myself to push the barrier everyday!



Home is where my family is. Usually, it means Hong Kong. But my family moved around quit a bit when I was a kid.

Growing up and spending some time in Pakistan, New Zealand, and Italy, I have learnt to appreciate the privilege my father's job brought to me.  


I also realized that education changes lives. My parents grew up in the most rural part of Central China. Their parents fought against Imperial Japan during WW II, and the United Nation force in the Korean War. My grandparents were not educated through the system, my parents were one of the fews that attended technical colleges in China. They did not know what their lives would be like without those education, and they share proudly their accomplishments in education with me.

I remember loving the different cultures we embrace through our society. When I was 13, I had the opportunity to move to the States. I took a chance, and moved to Chicago. 

After a year of schooling in Chicago, I moved to Maryland hoping to skip the snow during Winter. And four years in Maryland gave me a taste of the States, and American culture.

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